Sunday, September 19, 2010

Obama Demeans His Own Supporters

Do you order the "media special" Kool-aid by the gallon or have you had a stroke. Your assertions are not supported by the "facts" you have grasped out of thin air and your opinions, based on such made up nonsense are therefore completely irrelevant. As a the chairman of my county democratic party in one of the reddest counties in Texas, I worked on Mr. Obama's campaign for two solid years. Now two years later, EVERY democrat I have spoken to in this county is utterly disgusted with the record of the President and his Democratically controlled legislature.

His actions, his words (and lack of them) at crucial points during our generation's most trying times have sucked all the life sustaining air of his campaign promises out of our lungs.

Now we former Obama advocates are dying a tortured death breathing the stale fumes of his compromises. If he had fought for the principles he convinced us he stood for with all of his strength, and filled the administration with outsiders rather than insiders, if he had acknowledged the hard work of his grass roots organizers, instead of ignoring them. If he had kept the fire in the belly of his followers, if he had held the Bush White house accountable for destroying our economy and sent a few hedge fund guys to jail, we might had been able to hang on. But instead he compromised without a hard fight. That is called capitulation, not compromise.
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